– Heading to Africa for a safari is possible at any time of the year, even in winter season. If you want a to go on an extremely amazing winter safari unlike any other, then going to Cape Town is a good idea. Come rainfall or shine, Cape Town offers its guests plenty to see and do, it’s laid-back vibe getting to be just a bit more chilled in winter. If you favor smaller sized crowds when you’re away on holiday then winter in Cape Town is sensible.

Durban is a major beach hot spot any time of the year, due to the warm water of the Indian Ocean. While floating around in the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Town is not a great idea, there are still many surfers that take to the water. If you would rather glance at the surfers in the water than be in the water, then sit down at a coffee shop or tavern and relax and watch the water-lovers while you sip on a flat white or a delicious Long Island Iced Teal.

You are sure to be kept very busy when visiting Cape Town, whether in winter or summer. Although the beach and swimming laps are not quite on the top of the list in winter, there are masses of other places to enjoy. Understand South African heritage by taking a trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and many other anti-Apartheid activists spent prison terms. Rejuvinating is something you are sure to do, whether it is with a glass of wine at an estate or trendy restaurant or booking into a day spa.

In Cape Town you get the best of both worlds: city and country. There are various backpacking paths and travels that visitors can pick from, as well as embarking on staggering car journeys along Chapman’s Peak Drive. Hiking trails will provide you with magnificent views of the sea and skies and the drive on Chapman’s Peak will guide you to the lovely town of Noordhoek, where you can go horse-riding on the beach.

Don’t forget the amazing animals that you could observe close to Cape Town. Day trips and overnight features in luxurious safari accommodation are on hand. This is the way to spend the winter fashionably.

If you thought that there is no snow in Africa, you will be in for a genuine shocker when you visit a Cape Town game reserve. Established close to Sutherland, one of the coldest places in South Africa, these safari parks experience unusually cold weather and even snow. What could be more fantastic than African wildlife against a wintry, snowy backdrop?

Along with snow, style and luxury you stand a chance of seeing the Big Five. The very lazy lion, rowdy rhino, enormous elephant, large buffalo and illusive leopard can all be found in this area. Centuries in the past an abundance of each member roamed free, but the start of farming and war in the area decimated their amounts. Reserves and parks now provide a safe shelter for them, where they can reside in serenity and ideally grow too. You will find a lot more than these five animals, as there are various different species walking around free on the reserves.

The cold weather means that you must load lots of warm clothing for your trip and will be spending time with a piping-hot pot of tea alongside a roaring blaze.

A definite place to visit is the Karoo, packed with wonderment and crammed with personality. This is a notably different region to the traditional safari resorts, ensuring that you have a 100 % authentic holiday.