Safaris in Africa are popularly undertaken in the wintertime as the sightings tend to be far better during this period. If you want a to go on an extremely amazing winter safari unlike any other, then going to Cape Town is a good idea. The winter weeks in the renowned South African city are still busy and pulsing with life and various fascinating activities, but the crowds are perceptibly thinner than in summer time. At that time you will be able to have all the incredible fun of the community, but with a reduced public.

luxury safari south africa cape townThe beach is not frequently a plan in winter if you are in Cape Town. The ocean water is frigid and it rains in winter. Nonetheless, this is spotty and many winter days are crammed with shining sun, making a wander on the beach plausible. You will even observe hardy water babies, surfers still bronzed and tanned from summer, take to the swells.

You are sure to be kept very busy when browsing Cape Town, whether in winter or summer. You won’t be heading to the water like you would in the warmer months, but there is plenty to keep you busy. Learn about South African heritage by taking a trip to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela and many other anti-Apartheid activists spent jail terms. There are lots of markets for those shopping around for a good discount or something good to consume, so ensure you pop into Neighbourgoods at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock on a Saturday morning or the Hout Bay Market, which operates the whole weekend.

There are many wonderful ways to experience nature in and around Cape Town. Some of these are backpacking, cycling and jogging through recreational areas and reserves. A great spot right in the city is Green Point Park. It is a good picnic spot or a delightful place for an easygoing amble.

A winter safari close to Cape Town is one more way of getting close to nature. Visit a Western Cape safari park. Here you can participate in game drives, run into wild animals and spend the night watching the heavens, as the deficiency of city lamps brings the skies to life during the night.

You may actually get to see snow in Africa. The location of the game parks, close to cold spots like Sutherland and Ceres, would mean that many experience snow from time to time. What could be more stunning than African wildlife against a frosty, snowy backdrop?

Looking for the Big 5 is another benefit to a winter safari in Cape Town. These safari parks are the dwelling of lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants and the Cape buffalo. Hundreds of years back an abundance of each member roamed free, but the onset of farming and conflict in the area ruined their numbers. Reserves and parks now provide a safe refuge for them, where they can reside in peacefulness and ideally multiply too. Further to the Big 5, you can be sure to spot cheetahs, jackals, wildebeest and various classes of antelope and birds.

When you go to Africa in winter for a safari it is imperative that you remember to bring warm clothing with. For those cold winter nights, very little equals sitting next to a roaring fire in the bush, or a steaming drink of cocoa in the morning, just before the sun heralds the coming of the new day.

A definite place to visit is the Karoo, jampacked with wonderment and crammed with personality. nambiti lodge south africa‎ Africa is undeniably remarkable in its diversity, none more so than when you compare the stretches of the Karoo plains to those of the lowveld a lot further north.

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